“All She Wanted Was ... Her Well-Deserved Promotion”

Written, directed, photographed and edited by The Also Sisters
This episode was filmed with the priceless support of the Fall 2018 “Grip and Lighting Class” at the Film and Media Arts Department (University of Utah


[In Order of Appearance] Meg Cabell
Ryker Hall
Connor Smith (OS abducter)


[In Alphabetical Order] | Jackson Bean | Connor Bhandari | Grant CarstenJaden Condie | Alston Crosby | Trevor Delker | Lexie Floor | Sam Haertel | Thekla Hughes | Jennifer Jessup | Cameron Keene | Daniel Lane| Jianzhi Li | Chang Leo Liu  | Connor McNulty | Jake Rehm | Amber Rhoades | Alex Schvaneveldt | Ryan Short | Connor Smith | Paola Van Der Veen | Noah Wilson |

| JJ Houghton (Research Assistant) | 

Creature from the Black Lagoon by
Kathy Clark

Sound FX

Cinematic bass boom  by CosmicEmbers