“All She Wanted Was ... To See a Movie”

Written, directed, photographed and edited by The Also Sisters
This episode was filmed with the priceless support of the Spring 2018 “Grip and Lighting Class” at the Film and Media Arts Department (University of Utah)


[In Order of Appearance]
Jasmine Johnson
Patrick Richard
Morgan Kenney
David Bradshaw
Danny Lee
Dylan Bassham
Alex Sánchez


[In Alphabetical Order] | Samuel Bradford | Ileana BrownAntonio Galdino da Silva Filho | Gerald Gribble Sayward Hess | Dario Jokic | Emiliano Mora Bucio | Vinhson Pham | Saurav Sapkota | Laramie Sferas | Ken Shelden | Camila Uphill | Spencer Welte | Cortni Wimberley | Jasmin Xanthos |
| JJ Houghton (Research Assistant) | 

Sound FX

Smart Phone Texting Sound and Vibrate by ChazzRavenelle Burial in Wooden Coffin by Cmusounddesign Cinematic Impact by Draganov89 Slurp and swallow by Washout